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Our mission is to help restore hope, love, and opportunity to poverty stricken communities and  individuals. We endeavor to do this by donating 80% of our profit to charities, non-profits, and humanitarian relief efforts that we partner with.


It is our passion to improve the lives of our guests by bringing a richer, more vibrant, and more beautiful epicurean experience to each individual: one cup, one smile, one experience, and one opportunity at a time.


As the neighborhood's favorite local coffee shop and roaster, it is our hope that we foster an environment of support and togetherness to the community that we serve.

As of 2018, the BCBC group of companies has partnered with a homeless ministry called "Rising Hope Mission", "Sustainable Action International" in Haiti; a non-profit organization providing humanitarian aide to poverty stricken communities, and "Curt's Cafe" of Evanston which provides youth with skills training.

Our Coffee

The term "specialty coffee" is used to describe beans of the best flavor which are produced in special micro-climates. To put it in simpler terms, specialty coffee is the "best of the best" in their specific category of coffees with scores that go beyond 80 on the Q grader. This means that coffee that earns the title "specialty" comes from no more than the small top percentage of Arabica Coffee beans in existence.

The biggest driving force which not many people are exposed to is the hard work that the farmers put into every harvest. Every year, the coffee from producing nations just keep getting better and better. 

Roasting specialty coffee is an art that requires a high degree of knowledge and experience to produce specialty level roast profiles. All we do is meticulously deliver that taste experience to you and your customers. 

Free Samples

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  • To use only the freshest sources to give you the best quality coffee.

  • Next day shipping.

  • Attentiveness to your questions and concerns.

  • We will give 80% of our profit to communities in need.

  • Provide you above average quality with below industry price. 

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